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But don't worry, we got you covered!
It's crazy out there!


If you ever asked yourself what your social media expert is talking about, you came to the right place…

Learn the vocabulary you need to discuss your social media strategy with anybody -We hope it’ll be with us though…

The Savvy Client Series

Chapter II

At The Mods we made a few glossaries that will help you become best friends with your social media expert! Or at least you’ll be on the same page and will be able to work together for the benefit or your business.

Learn the vocabulary you need to discuss your social media strategy with anybody -We hope it’ll be with us though… J

As you probably know it by now, a social media manager is an expert who uses online social platforms to link a company, brand, product, or project with a targeted audience, following a marketing strategy. Their goal is to create a community around a specific brand, that will translate ultimately in sales, or subscribers, donations and more.

A good social media expert will create a solid strategy, and compelling content. He/she will listen and engage with online customers, respond promptly and effectively and give the best possible customer service.

And he/she also will look at your web analytics and write a report

A good strategy will help both of you to focus on clear objectives, like brand awareness or conversions, that are key in determining which metrics are important.

Now let’s take a look at some words, mostly -but not exclusively- related to Web Analytics

Web Analytics

Is themeasurement, analysis, and reporting of Internet data, or in simple words, it measures the behavior of each visitor to your website. It is the best way to understand which aspects of your campaign are working towards your objectives!


Is the process of persuading a prospective visitor to do what you want him to do, like clicking on a link or type the name of your brand in their browser to visit your site, and eventually converting him in a customer.

Bounce rate

Is the percentage of visitors to a particular website who leave after viewing only one page.


A positive action taken on a website by a visitor, generally in response to a call to action, such as signing up for a newsletter, downloading an offer, which shows you that they’re good prospects to convert into a customer.

Dark Social

The non-public shares that happen through channels like messengers, email, and text messages, therefore are not reported by traditional tools. For example, the sending of a URL to a friend via email. There’s no trace about where the post was originated, or in what article it was found. It means that dark social is referral traffic that’s hard to track.


The number of people who see an advertisement on a particular website.


Is the percentage of an audience that actually saw your content -or saw your ad- over a specific period of time.

Paid reach

Is how many users saw your promoted piece.


Is a Customer Life Cycle measured through the activities of your customers, tracking whether they are back to get support information, to make another purchase or just to do additional research.


This is what your goal is when you’re using social media: to have visitors spread your message, products, brand awareness, thoughts, and company voice with friends, possible future customers, users and visitors.

Trending Topic

Is the most talked about topic and hashtag on social media.


Is taking advantage of a big social trend, exploiting the buzz to get users to engage with your brand.

User-Generated Content | UGC

Is content that is generated -or shared- by people online. Memes are an example of UGC.

Promoted/Boosted Post

Is a paid method of boosting a post and get more eyeballs.


This is just a sample of an ever-growing list of words related to online marketing and social media. We’ll be adding regularly to our lists so you have them handy.

Stay tuned for our next post, where we’ll be talking of the importance of your brand’s social media presence.

“Ask Me Anything”

And remember, if you have questions about social media management,…AMA! -Yes, that’s internet slang for “Ask Me Anything”-

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