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Don’t you wish you understood everything your social media expert tells you?



Here at The Mods, we think that the more our clients know about social media, the better we can help them reach their goal!

That’s why we came up with the idea of creating a blog especially tailored for our clients.

Ask questions, suggest topics, this Blog is for you!

To start, we are writing a simple Social Media Glossary, and we will be adding periodically to it.

The Savvy Client Series. Chapter I



This is just a list of words that can come handy! -Don’t worry, this is not a course on social media marketing :-)


An algorithm is a rules-based procedure for making calculations. Algorithms power search engines and determine the search results. Social media algorithms dictate your brand’s online visibility, and as social media marketers it's our job to understand the way these platforms work and optimize the visibility of our clients’ brands. organically with the most relevant content, and/or with paid social media advertising campaigns.


The goal of analysts is to examine the data gathered from the web or a website or platforms, looking for patterns in user’s behavior.


In social media terms, an Avatar is a visual representation of a user online, such as profile pictures. It may or may not be an actual photo of the user. 

Brand advocate

In the marketing vocabulary, a brand advocate is a customer that is so satisfied with a product that they can’t stop talking about how good it is and will go out of their way to promote it, especially when you recognize them and empower them. They can be your best allies.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons is a public copyright license that gives you the right to use and share freely some specific visual materials. For social media users, Creative Commons is an important resource when looking for images and photos to illustrate a social media post or blog post.


A clickbait I web content with a misleading or sensationalist headline that entices readers to click through to the full story, usually with the goal of generating page views, boosting clickthrough rate, and advertising revenue.

Clickthrough rate (CTR)

This is a performance metric that shows how often people who

viewed a message or some sort of content, then actually performed an action such as clicking on an ad or link.


Social media engagement is, generally speaking, any interaction, especially a brand, has with other users. In fact, it is the motor of social media. Social media marketing is not the exception. Your followers expect you, as a brand, to interact with them. 

And for that reason, a solid engagement policy is a must in every social media strategy.

First response time

This is how long it takes a company to react or respond to a customer’s comment or inquiry on social media. This is key because great customer service is one of the core drivers of the success of a brand.

Especially if the customer’s comment is negative and the issue is not resolved immediately, a quick first response demonstrates that the company is listening and willing to take care of its customers.

Geolocation, geotagging

Geotagging is the possibility of tagging a photo, video, or message with a specific location. Today, as more and more smartphones are GPS enabled, geotagging is an important aspect of social media marketing strategies.


Geotargeting is a feature available on many social media platforms. This allows marketers to share their content with geographically defined audiences. Sending a generic message to the whole world, is a waste of resources. Today it is possible to narrow the messaging and language of any content to better reach people in specific cities or countries, or even neighborhood


As you probably guessed, this is only a sample of the ever-growing vocabulary of social media!

See you next week! Stay tuned for more, and remember to send us your questions.

What would you like to know about Social Media and Marketing?

Drop us a line, and we’ll be happy to write a blog entry to address your question! This blog is for you.

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